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#1 Insoles For Plantar Fasciitis

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Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

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Relieve Yourself From Foot Pain One Step At A Time! 

We’ve designed the best insoles for Plantar Fasciitis to ease the discomfort caused by this frustrating and sometimes debilitating condition. Our comfortable insoles cushion your heels from impact when walking to prevent the stabbing foot pains and tenderness that flares up there.

Thanks to our Orthotic Insoles, your discomfort is no longer a life sentence!

Better yet? They work wondrously at a fraction of the price of custom-made insoles. Designed for all-day use, they hold their shape and form well and feature a grippy bottom to ensure they don’t slip out of place.


Your Benefits

Walk longer with less foot pain

Feel comfortable all-day

Similar results as custom orthotics

Cheaper than custom orthotics


These aren’t just the best insoles for Plantar Fasciitis – they also work to combat general sources of foot pain! From shin splints to hammertoe, our insoles help with them all by creating a supportive surface that cradles your feet from morning to night.


I have tried several insoles and even spent a lot of money on custom inserts. Nothing did reduce my stabbing heel pain. After just a few days wearing Alpha Pes Insoles I experienced a huge difference in my feet. I can now walk all day again and my calves don't get tired any more.

During my plantar fasciitis journey, I have tried multiple inserts, compression socks, compression sleeves, different wedges for arch cushions, entirely new shoes, and NOTHING helped. Nothing until ☝🏻THIS insole!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻

As a teacher I have to be on my feet all day. Over the years I experienced more and more pain in my feet. A colleague recommended these insoles and I have to say they are a true blessing! My heel pain is barely noticeable any more thanks to the comfortable gel cushion and strong arch support.

I have a sprained foot muscle and I can put foot massager under my desk at work. It is not loud and has heat if you want it and not too hot but definitely warm enough to feel amazing. Between that and icing it my foot is finally starting to heal and I have only used this 1 day. The nodes roll around on your feet like a genuine massage - very relaxing.


Yes, the arch and heel cup in these insoles are designed to provide optimal support for walking or standing on your feet for extended periods.

Yes, they are! Wearing insoles can reduce the stress placed on the plantar fascia. The arch support and heel cushioning provided by insoles can reduce the stress on the plantar fascia. Insoles also help better position your foot so that the weight is distributed more evenly. Wearing insoles can leave your feet feeling better.

1. Remove your old insoles
2. Put the original insole on top of the Alpha Pes Insole
3. Line up the back of the heel and the arch as best you can
4. Use a pen to trace along the toe section of the original insole
5. Now, cut your new insole just inside the line you just drew

Yes. They have a layer of cushioning and they do have an extra cushion in the heel. Alpha Pes Insoles have a small lift in the heel which brings your heel at a higher level, taking pressure off of the heel. Plus with arch support, this is a great orthotic for plantar fasciitis amongst other foot problems.

Yes. Alpha Pes Insoles are specifically designed to minimize arch pain and offer excellent comfort. Alpha Pes Shoe Insoles provide plantar fasciitis - high arch - flat feet - pronation - back - ankle - knee - neck - lower back - joint - posture - heel spurs - metatarsalgia - shin splints - bunions - morton's neuroma support and pain relief.

Yes, a combination of a foam base and gel pad is the secret sauce of this pick, giving you the best of both worlds. The insoles provide comfortable cushioning, as well as major shock absorption that reduces the impact on the joints and muscles as you walk or move. The insoles also feature reinforced arch support, a deep heel cup, and an anti-slip top layer to increase support, comfort, and stability.

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