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Plantar Fasciitis Foot Stretcher $29.99 $42.87
  Relieve Your Pain Quickly, Safely, and Easily With Our Rocking Stretch! If you’re suffering from foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, ankle strain, arch pain, and other chronic conditions, the Plantar Fasciitis Foot Stretcher is the perfect device for you.  STRETCH YOUR FOOT EFFECTIVELY! REDUCES PAIN: An excellent, assistive device to help stretch legs, feet, and ankles, the Foot Stretcher is the ultimate tool for relieving plantar fasciitis. EFFECTIVELY STRETCHING DEVICE:  Safely stretch your feet with this effective device. Ergonomically designed, this foot rocker gently and evenly stretches the foot to relieve pain, improve circulation and minimize fatigue.  PREVENTS INJURIES: The foot rocker improves your overall stretch, balance, and flexibility to not only heal foot injuries but to prevent them as well.  ANTI-SLIP DESIGN: Nonslip rubber grips on the bottom keep the stretcher stable and secure on any surface. Additionally, a raised heel plate locks the heel safely in place and an angled footplate with nonslip treads prevents the foot from slipping while you stretch. LIGHTWEIGHT, DOUBLE ROCKER: This optimal stretching device can be used while standing or sitting to stretch out one foot or both at the same time. For added convenience, the lightweight design makes it easy to transport to the gym, game, office, and anywhere else you need to go. Plantar Fasciitis Foot Stretcher helps relieve and stretch 1. plantar fascia2. heel3. calf muscle4. hamstring far more effectively than conventional methods.